Director of Ayurveda / Principal / Medical Superintendent

Director Of Ayurveda

Vd. Rakesh Salve

Ayurved was never a branch of some medical science. Rather it is the detailed description of life itself. It guides every human being to lead his or her life in the best way possible. Hence it is often translated as the "Science of Life".

Being the Director of Ayurved at Swarrnim University, India's first start-up and Innovation University, we have been blessed with the opportunity to teach and apply this great science AYURVED in the lives of new budding Vaidyas of tomorrow as well as the hundreds of faculty members of Swarrnim Family.

Being an umbrella of many multidisciplinary institutions, a student learning at Aarihant Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Institute, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, has an opportunity to learn Ayurved not only in theory but also in practical by collaborating with different specialties. Such integration is also expected by Ayurved Acharyas when they say that, complete understanding is difficult by reading only one science. To become good clinicians, one needs to read different sciences and absorb the relevant parts. I assure that we at AAMC & RI, will not leave any stone unturned to provide quality education to students and nurture their dreams of becoming successful clinicians to serve the society in every role possible.

Principal / Medical Superintendent

Dr. Navin Banarase
Age- 43 years
Registration Number- I-38432-A-1
Qualification – M. D. (Rachana Sharir)
Date of Joining – 16/01/2020
Address- Dr. Navin Banarase, C/o Yogeshbhai Patel, House No.23,
Rajdhani Tenament, Kalol, Dist.- Gandhinagar
Mobile Number- 9930766442
Landline – 9512343333

Dr. Navin Banarase is an experienced Ayurveda Teacher who has been working at the Various Ayurveda Colleges in Maharashtra and Gujarat for last 14 years. He graduated in Ayurveda BAMS from Vidarbha Ayurveda College Amaravati, Maharashtra. He completed his MD at College of Aayurveda and Research Centre Akurdi, Pune, Maharashtra.